Dream Team Africa is a boutique agency that amplifies progressive African brands ensuring they are future-fit for an evolving world.


Founded as a talent management agency we remain committed to building sustainable careers for homegrown talent, strategically nurturing the personal brand evolution of our individual clients.


To effectively build successful African brands, Dream Team Africa develops impactful engagement campaigns and immersive experiential marketing solutions to increase consumer engagement and deepen our partners’ brand equity.


Talent Management

  • Performance management
  • Succession planning
  • Align strategic goals with incentives

Bookings & Logistics Management

  • Negotiate & optimise contractual agreements
  • Road management
  • Travel arrangements

Brand Management

  • Design visual brand identity & electronic press kit
  • Develop & Adapt strategies for target audience & relative brand touch points

Engagement Marketing Campaigns

  • Web design and development
  • Digital content strategy and marketing

Experiential Marketing Solutions

  • Ideate and execute immersive brand touch points to enhance consumer experience and engagement

PR Services

  • Strategic communications between client to public
  • Build mutually beneficial relations with internal/external stakeholders
  • Reputation management through various channels and formats

Comprehensive Audio & Music Solutions

  •  Original music composition for commercials, tv shows, artists & digital media
  •  Sonic Branding
  • Music Consultation
  • Audio Post-Production


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